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Updated 20th November 2019

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Club Championship 2019 races

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This championship aims to reward effort rather than outright speed.  Actual race times are adjusted for age, so that older runners get their times reduced to what it is calculated they would have achieved in their prime.  The adjustments are made using an online age-graded results calculator.  The effects don’t do in until around 35, so if you are younger than this, your times won’t change.  The age-adjusted times are used to put runners in a revised race order.  Points are then assigned according to race position (1 point for first, 2 for second, and so on).  The championship is based around 12 local races, roughly one each month as well as your best 5K and marathon for the year.  You must have participated in (and finished) 5 of the events to qualify.  Your points from your best 5 race results are then added up, and the lower your overall total is, the better you have done.  There are separate bunny rabbit awards for the three best men and three best women.

Please submit your best 5K and marathon times as and when they happen to  and/or message Jane Ward so that they can be kept updated throughout the year.

The races for 2019 are:

Sunday 3rd February Blackmore Vale Half
Sunday 3rd March Sherborne 10k
Sunday 31st March Yeovil Half
Sunday 14th April Marnhull 12K
Thursday 18th April Broad Oak Hilly (4 miles)
Sunday 25th May Egdon Easy 10K
Sunday 23rd June Lulworth Castle 10K
Sunday 21st September Camelot Challenge
Sunday 13th October Gold Hill 10K
Sunday 3rd November New Forest Stinger 10 miles
Sunday 17th November Wimborne 10 miles
Thursday 5th December Sturminster 5 miles
Between 7 Dec 2018 and 5 Dec 2019 Any 5K race or parkrun
Between 7 Dec 2018 and 5 Dec 2019 Any Marathon