Throughout the year we hold several club races in place of training. These internal races are usually fun events followed by a social gathering for prizes etc. afterwards.

See the announcements and training calendar on the main page for details.

Broad Oak Hilly

This race is usually held in April and is, as the name suggests, a hilly race at Broad Oak.

John Deacon Handicap

This race is usually held near the end of June and is one of our most popular club events.

All the runners set off accorning to their recent pace/timings so that the slowest members set off first. The aim is, if everyone runs accorning to their pace, that everyone crosses the finish line together. In reality though, this rarely happens although one year, 10 runners crossed the finish line within 2 seconds!

Suzy Vivian Hill Climb

This race is usually held near the end of May and is the newest addition to the Doddlers event calendar.

The race consists of a gruelling 1 mile uphill race followed by a dash back down.


This race is usually held during July and is a really fun race for all members. It consists of running, then cycling and then running again.

Don’t be put off if you haven’t got a bike, you can always team up with someone who has. Also don’t worry if you don’t have the latest carbon fibre racer, people turn up on all sorts of bikes; even their mums shopping bike!

Sturminster 5

This race is usually held in early December and consists of 5 miles around Sturminster Newton.