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Please remember to send all race results to Jane at – if you don’t tell us about them we can’t publish them or include them in championship or handicap standings.

Race Results for 2023

Race Results for 2022

Thursday 7 December

Stur 5 – a 5-mile internal club race from Sturfit, taking in Glue Hill, Broad Oak Hill and Rixson Hill.

Sunday 4 December

The Full Montycute 10 – a scenic 10-mile off-road race from Ham Hill with 10 hills, fantastic tough and very muddy route.

            Justin Perry                             1:36:02                        4th MV50+

            Nick Brooke                             1:47:10                        5th MV60+

            Jane Ward                               2:11:39

            Neil Cranidge                          2:11:39

            Julia Slade                               2:16:09

            Jill Watson                               2:16:09

            Angela Jamieson                     2:28:25

            Adam Frampton                      2:28:26

Nick Brooke was also winner of the highly thought after Fred Fox Trophy.

Sunday 26 November

New Forest Stinger – a scenic 10-mile off-road race in the beautiful New Forest from Ocknell Campsite. Out & back with an undulating loop and a sting in the tail.

            Gary Blaber                             1:08:40            1st MV50

            Sharon Hutchings                    1:13:51            4th SenF

            Ian Barnes                               1:15:24            3rd MV60+

            Tim Cotton                              1:23:07

            Dave Jackson                           1:26:08

            Dawn Blaber                           1:33:02

            Jane Ward                               1:44:30

            Neil Cranidge                          1:44:30

            Sergiy Machulin                      1:48:12

            Clare Riley                               1:49:15

Sunday 26 November

Boscombe 10k – an undulating open road race starting and finishing at Kings Park Athletics Stadium.

            Jonny Hayes                               42:38

            Richard Palmer-Smyth               56:45

            Ines Braun                               1:06:09

Sunday 19 November

Wimborne 10 – the 25th anniversary addition of this 10-mile undulating route along country lanes finishing through the avenue of trees on to Pamphill Green. A windy and wet version with a 100m long full width puddle but fun nonetheless.

            Molly Rasch                 1:03:30                        2nd Lady

            Gary Blaber                 1:04:14                        4th MV50+

            Justin Perry                 1:11:05

            Ian Barnes                   1:12:30                        7th MV60+

            Michael Peters            1:19:27

            Chris Perrett                1:24:33

            Dawn Blaber               1:27:11

            Neil Cranidge              1:30:48

            Nick Summons            1:32:14

            Jane Ward                   1:35:37

            Lisa Yates                    1:36:23

            Sarah Perrett               1:41:59

            Flora Brooke                1:46:13                        3rd FV70+

Sunday 19 November

Starcross Shuffle – a lapped 7-hour challenge run following the Exe estuary alongside the grounds of Powerham Castle. 4 laps to complete a full marathon distance.

            Dave Jackson               3:47:58            4th overall in marathon distance

Saturday 11th November

The Lemur Loop – a 10k trail race over the hilly scenic landscape where they used to film To The Manor Born in Cricket St Thomas.

                Jill Watson                                          1:06:49                  2nd FV50+

                Julia Slade                                           1:06:49                  5th FV40+

                Dave Fitzsimon  (2 loops)              1:07:31, 1:07:33

                Mel Fitzsimon                                    1:29:11

Saturday 11th November

New Forest Off Road Half Marathon – a trail running event by RunRebel set in the heart of the New Forest National Park. Weaving through the forests on hard-packed gravel pathways and soaking up the fabulous scenery. Described as relatively flat with only 183m elevation gain.

                Richard Palmer-Smyth                   2:20:13

Sunday 26th October

The Stickler    a tough 10-mile trail race, dubbed North Dorset 3-Peaks, including Okeford Beacon, Hod Hill and Hambledon Hill.

                Chris Wright                                       1:11:22                     2nd Overall

                Phil Reese                                           1:18:28                  5th MV40+

                Tom Mitchell                                      1:20:56

                Fabs Terzaghi                                     1:25:47                     7th MV50+

                Mark Riley                                           1:28:56

                Justin Perry                                        1:30:50

                Stuart Martin                                     1:33:47                     4th MV60+

                Nick Brooke                                        1:37:04                     1st MV70+

                Jonny Hayes                                       1:38:19

                Tim Cotton                                         1:41:32

                John Townsend                                1:47:16

                Dave Hurst                                          1:47:31

                Amanda Jenkins                               1:55:35

                Adam Frampton                               1:57:56

                Flora Brooke                                      2:26:17                     3rd FV70+

Sunday 26th October

Arezzo Half Marathon  –  starting from piazza Guido Monaco the route makes its way around the city, suited for more dedicated athletes.

                Molly Rasch                                        1:24:49

Sunday 22nd October

Weymouth 10  –  a 10-mile tarmac route from Weymouth Esplanade. Mostly flat but with a challenging double loop around Bowleaze and Preston.

                Molly Rasch                                        1:02:20                  1st Lady

                Ian Barnes                                           1:11:26                  3rd MV60

                Sharon Hutchings                            1:11:43                  2nd SF

                Michael Peters                                 1:16:29                  8th MV60

                Neil Cranidge                                    1:23:38

                David Hurst                                        1:27:09

                Jane Ward                                          1:35:23

                Richard Palmer-Smyth                  1:36:46

Saturday 21st October

Beachy Head Marathon  –  a tough coastal marathon with horizontal rain, 30 knot winds and lots of mud, but Dave enjoyed it, nevertheless.

                Dave Jackson                                     5:02:33

Sunday 15th October

Studland Stampede   a tough but very scenic coastal run of 7.5 miles, along the beach, up over the heathland, across sand dunes and back along the beach.

                Garry Blaber               0:50:19            3rd MV50+     

                Paul Stockley               0:58:59           

                Michael Peters            1:00:14            4th MV60+

                Neil Cranidge              1:04:46

                Chris Perrett                1:07:52

                Dawn Blaber               1:12:43

                Adam Frampton          1:13:08

                Jane Ward                   1:13:30

                Ange Jamieson            1:17:16

                Steve Fowles               1:21:18

                Sarah Perrett               1:25:42

                Barry Jenkins               1:26:36

                Vics West                     1:33:14

                Jane Fowles                 1:42:41

Sunday 15th October

Bath Half   a ‘big city’ race, starting and finishing in Bath city centre. This course is fast and flat with proven potential to set a new personal best, unless you arrive late due to Park & Ride bus breaking down and adding an extra mile when sent the wrong way.

            Julia Slade                   2:25:25

            Jill Watson                   2:25:25

Sunday 15th October

Great South Run – The South coast’s biggest and best running event takes place in Portsmouth over a fast and flat 10-mile route.

                Amanda Jenkins                               1:26:20

Sunday 15th October

Hazelbury Bryan 10k   a scenic route through beautiful countryside with a friendly atmosphere.

                Sharon Hutchings                             tbc

                Richard Palmer-Smyth                   1:04:20

                Anna Dunning                                    tbc

Sunday 8 October

Chester Marathon  – a multi-award winning and 3 times winner of the UKs Best Marathon (under 5,000 runners), from the historic Roman/Medieval international destination City of Chester. The route is on closed roads and runs past all Chester’s iconic landmarks, including Roman walls, Cathedral, Amphitheatre before heading out to the stunning Chester countryside and an unforgettable finish on Castle Drive.

            Nick Reynolds              2:40:13                        PB

Sunday 8th October

Gold Hill 10k  – a hilly road 10k from Shaftesbury School, taking in Gold Hill, Tout Hill, The Butt and French Mill Lane.

            Chris Wright                               39:21            6th Overall

            Steve Rigby                                41:45

            Gary Blaber                                42:37

            Justin Perry                                47:13

            Ian Barnes                                  47:46

            Jonny Hayes                               49:46

            Tim Cotton                                 56:01

            Chris Perrett                               57:26

            David Hurst                             1:00:55

            John Townsend                       1:01:26

            Amanda Jenkins                      1:02:40

            Dawn Blaber                           1:04:14

            Jane Ward                               1:04:52

            Richard Palmer-Smyth            1:04:52

            Sarah Perrett                           1:10:05

            Flora Brooke                            1:12:31

            Nick Summons and Jane Feather       1:31:10

Sunday 8th October

Race On The Chase Marathon  – a scenic and undulating trail race from Salisbury Racecourse along the chalky droves and hills of Broad Chalk valley.  

            Mark Riley                   4:11:15            4th Mens

Sunday 8th October

Bournemouth Half Marathon – The course follows the old Full Marathon route, taking in both Boscombe and Bournemouth Piers along this stunning coastal route.

            Piotr Sulecki                1:33:26

            Craig White                 2:38:19

Sunday 1 October

Cardiff Half Marathon – one of the largest and most exciting road races in the UK and one of Europe’s largest half marathons. The fast and flat route passes all of the city’s most breathtaking scenery and iconic landmarks including Cardiff Castle, the Principality Stadium, and stunning Cardiff Bay.

            Tom Mitchell                          1:22:11

Sunday 1 October

Clarendon Half Marathon – an off road, picturesque and challenging route along the following ancient country tracks and paths of the Clarendon Way from Broughton to Winchester.

            Neil Cranidge                          2:34:18

            Jane Ward                               2:34:19

Saturday 30 September

Seven Valleys Ultra – an epic ultra-marathon in the stunning landscape of the Lake District National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Dave’s words a tough day in the Lakes – 50mph winds, bogs, drizzle and some monster climbs. Legs are in bits! 100km with 11,860ft of climb.

            Dave Cox                     18:51:10

Sunday 24 September

Bedford Autodrome Marathon – a unique opportunity to run at the one and only Bedford Autodrome and enjoy the thrill of running 8 laps on smooth traffic free tarmac motor racing circuit!

            Chris Wright                            2:53:56            4th MV35

Sunday 24 September

Black Hill 10k – Classic trail running in the heart of Dorset, taking in the muddy trails and woodland tracks of Black Hill with a great downhill finish.

            Philip Reese                            0:46:07           

            Michael Peters                        0:54:37

            Chris Perrett                            0:59:14

            Jane Ward                               1:06:11

            Neil Cranidge                          1:06:12

            Sarah Perrett                           1:13:19

            Barry Jenkins                           1:19:10

Sunday 24 September

Round The Lakes 10k – a flat and fast 10k, comprising 3 laps around Poole Park.

            Ian Barnes                               43:04

            Dave Jackson                           44:43

            Richard Palmer-Smyth            55:27

Sunday 17 September

The Doone Run – An outstanding Trail run within Exmoor National Park amid the breathtaking scenery surrounding beautiful Lynmouth. Runners taking part in this 10-mile (2,228ft of climb) race will be treated to a challenging course along coastal paths and wooded riverside banks encompassing stunning scenery from Watersmeet to the Valley of the Rocks.

            Jane Ward                   2:15:14                       

            Neil Cranidge              2:15:14

Saturday 16 September

Cheddar Gorge 10k – Rolling for the first 2.5k then a 7.5k downhill sprint to the finish. On closed roads with a 150m net height drop makes this an unbeatable PB race.

            Julie Wareham            57:12

Wednesday 13 September

Yeovilton Summer Series 5k – Fast and flat road race from Yeovilton.

            Tom Mitchell                          17:35

           David Jackson                          21:21   4th MV60+

Sunday 10 September

New Forest Half Marathon – a stunning multi-terrain route through the heart of the New Forest, a blend of forest enclosures on gravel tracks and tarmac. Far reaching views of more forest landscape, ponies, cows and donkeys.

            Jane Ward                               2:09:08

            Neil Cranidge                          2:09:08

Sunday 10 September

Kirchhain Stadtlauf (Old Town Run) 10k – cited as being of interest to ambitious athletes only covering 8 fast and flat laps.  

            Matthias Webber        50:19   1st M35          

Saturday 9 September

White Horse 50k – the route set in beautiful Wiltshire hills, visiting 4 of the famous chalk white horses etched into the hills and passing the world heritage site, Avebury Stone circle. The hills are gentle, and the trails are very picturesque!

            Dave Jackson               7:10     5th Overall, 3rd male

Sunday 3rd September

The Beast “Stairway To Heaven” – a tough undulating 12.6-mile run from Corfe Castle, with stunning views and steep hills, including the steps from St Aldhelm’s Lookout Station and Houns-tout Cliff.

            Fabs Teraghi               2:14:22

            Dave Jackson               2:19:45

            Ian Barnes                   2:20:07

            Richard Bryant             2:26:40

            Chris Perrett                2:29:32

            Jane Ward                   2:55:45

            Neil Cranidge              2:55:45

            Angela Jamieson         3:02:26

            Adam Frampton          3:02:26

            Sarah Perrett               3:19:11

Friday 1 September

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc CCC 100k – the prestigious UTMB® world series pinnacle 100k race. The CCC race is the 100k category final of the UTMB World Series. It marks the culmination of a quest for ultra-endurance runners only accessible after collecting Running Stones. A unique journey of ultra-endurance from Courmayeur to Chamonix, covering 62.1 miles, 20,196+ feet of climb.

            Jane Gould                  19:26:54   1st FV50+  7th GB Female

Sunday 20 August

Dorset Doddle  – 32 miles of the coastal path from Weymouth to Swanage, with stunning views and including some tough climbs. Being a LDWA event there’s a rolling start and a meal provided at the finish.

            Tracy Cook                                          7:03

            Dave Fitzsimon                                    8:51

            Siobhan McFeely                                8:51

            Suzanna Baker                                    8:52

            Nick Summons                                    9:30

            Matt Clayton                                       9:53

Wednesday 9 August

Yeovilton Summer Series 5k – Fast and flat road race from Yeovilton.

            Tom Mitchell                           18:19

             Ian Barnes                               20:01   1st MV60+      PB

             David Jackson                          21:48   2nd MV60+   

Sunday 6 August

Sturminster Newton Half  – on quiet country lanes from Sturminster Newton, going through Manston, Margaret Marsh, Stour Row, Todber, Moorside and Hinton.

            Shaz Wahab (lead bike)                      1:14:31

            Nick Reynolds                                      1:18:05  PB      1st MV40+

            Chris Wright                                        1:19:32  PB      6th SM

            Stuart Martin                                      1:39:05            6th MV60+

            Ian Barnes                                           1:39:23  PB

            Dave Jackson                                       1:41:44           

            Richie Bryant                                       1:43:54

            Michael Peters                                    1:44:39

            Matthias Weber                                  1:49:08

            Stewart McConnell                             2:04:07

            Richard Palmer-Smyth                        2:20:24

            Suzanna Baker (Sweeper)                   3:56:49

            Chris Perrett (Sweeper)                      4:00:44

Sunday 6 August

Sturminster Newton 5k

                Geoff Hammond                                36:08

                Paul Russell (Sweeper)                      54:53

Wednesday 2 August

Haselbury Trail 10k – a very scenic two lap cross country evening run, undulating, slippery paths and footbridges, with a water crossing and a steep hill all done twice.

                Dave Jackson                     0:54:15

                Jane Ward                           1:03:35

Thursday 20 July

Doddler Duathlon – a fun internal club event comprising a short 1.6m run, then one of 2 bike routes (road bikes completing 9.4miles and MTB doing 7.8miles) followed by a 2nd run of 2.1miles.

                Justin Perry & Phil Monk               0:47:29                  1st team

                Nick Hall                                           0:51:54                  1st Solo

                Ian Barnes & Jane Ward                 0:53:13                  1st mixed team

                Paul Stockley                                     0:55:03

                Chris Perrett                                      0:55:38

                Dave Jackson                                     0:56:58

                Sharon Hutchings                             0:58:28                  1st Solo Lady

                Adam Frampton                               1:03:43

                Angela Jamieson                              1:03:44

                Lynda & John/Christine                 1:08:36

                Oliver/Paul Russell                           1:11:04

                Norma Allison & Lisa Yates           1:23:07                  1st Ladies team

Sunday 16 July

Exe Estuary Marathon – the multi-terrain route follows the Exe Estuary up to Exeter, then down to Exmouth before joining the South-West Coast Path to Budleigh Salterton.

            Dave Jackson                           4:13:00            1st MV65

Wednesday 12 July

Yeovilton Summer Series 5k – Fast and flat road race from Yeovilton.

            Tom Mitchell                          18:30

            Ian Barnes                               20:09   3rd MV60+     PB

            Dave Jackson                           21:58

            Ines Braun                               31:08

Sunday 2 July

Portland 10 – a testing 10-mile route including a lap and a half round Portland Island, including an out and back to Portland Bill.

            Gary Blaber                             1:03:11            6th MV40

            Ian Barnes                               1:15:44            3rd MV60

            Michael Peters                        1:16:15            5th MV60

            David Hurst                             1:29:08

            Richard Palmer-Smyth          1:41:20

            Barry Jenkins                           1:50:08

Sunday 2 July

Lundy Half Marathon – a unique trail running experience along pristine, wildlife encrusted tracks and footpaths of this remote island 2hrs off the coast of N Devon. The route includes steep steps to the North lighthouse and traversing the undulating eastern and western clifftops, clinging to the precipitous slopes and along the central spine of the island. A tour of this beautiful and rugged island in all its glorious entirety.

                Jane Ward                           3:29:27

                Neil Cranidge                     3:29:27

Sunday 2 July

Goodwood Running GP Marathon – a unique opportunity to run at the UK’s world-famous Goodwood Motor Circuit. The race comprises 11 flat and quick laps around the circuit, perfect for chasing personal best performances.

Dave Jackson                     3:43:05                  2nd MV65+

Wednesday 28 June

Forde Abbey 10k – set in the heart of West Dorset, the Forde Abbey 10k cross country race rolls though woodlands, meadows, and rivers, including mud, rocky tracks, hills, big views, more hills and two river crossings.

            Barry Jenkins               1:22:01

Sunday 25 June

Dorset Conquest Half – a scenic Roman themed trail race started by a Roman Centurion at East Farm and travelling through undulating footpaths and bridleways across Dorset farmland. The route travels along a scenic drove way, across downland and woodlands in the heart of Dorset with an abundance of wildlife and flora. Part of the race travels along an ancient Roman Road.

            Suzanna Baker                        2:02:16            1st FV40

            Dave Jackson                           2:09:39            2nd MV60

            Paul Fowles                             2:33:04            7th MV50

            Sandra Fowles                         2:33:04            1st FV50

Thursday 22 June

John Deacon Handicap  – an internal club handicapped race where runners are set off according to their recent race pace with the slowest members set off first. The results below are the actual run times immune from any handicapped start times.

            Gary Blaber                             40:16

            Justin Perry                             45:43

            Nick Hall                                  46:10

            Ian Barnes                               46:47

            Mark Riley                               48:00

            Michael Peters                        48:52

            Neil Cranidge                          50:21

            Chris Frear                              51:18

            Matthias Webber                    51:21

            Liz Murfin                                55:38               1st Lady

            Chris Perrett                            55:44

            John Willis                               56:05

            Amanda Jenkins                      56:58               2nd Lady

            Lisa Yates                                1:00:49            3rd Lady

            Oliver                                      1:01:14

            Paul                                         1:01:57

            Richard Palmer-Smyth            1:03:48

            Sarah Perrett                           1:10:21

            Jane Feather                           1:11:47

Sunday 18 June

Tarrant Valley 10k – a multi-terrain 10km race set within the Cranborne Chase AONB, mostly on well-surfaced bridleways  and farm tracks, with a spectacular view over the North Dorset countryside before the 800m descent back to the village.

Ian Barnes                                            45:59                  3rd MV60

Sharon Hutchings                               46:50                  2nd FS

Lynda Faulkner                                    47:36                  1st FV55

Chris Perrett                                         53:26

Sarah Perrett                                     1:06:01

Jane Feather                                      1:09:51

Barry Jenkins                                     1:12:42

Sunday 18 June

Giants Head Half Marathon – as below but not half as far.

                Matthias Weber                               2:28:10

Saturday 17 June

Giants Head Marathon – White Star Running’s flagship event, with a very challenging and hilly route through the Sydling and Cerne valleys. A tough race with steep climbs, sharp descents, and the most amazing views.

Fabs Terzaghi                                     4:18:27                  2nd MV55

Tim Cotton                                         5:17:05

Phil Reese                                           5:17:54

Saturday 17 June

Sydling Hill Race  – as above but 11km.

                Emma Dorey                      1:21:01

Saturday 17 June

The Maverick Adidas Terrex Original Dorset – Long 23k  – set along the rugged Jurassic coastline, where seabirds soar, and ancient caves litter the coastline. Steeped in Heritage and with technical rocky coastal sections with steep climbs and descents, there is no possible way that the Maverick Adidas Terrex Dorset Original event will disappoint.

Lucy Brown                         3:23:29

Nick Frampton                  3:23:35

Adam Frampton               3:45:29

The Maverick Adidas Terrex Original Dorset – Medium 14k – as above but shorter.

                Angela Jamieson              2:10:41

Sunday 11 June

Puddletown Plod Half – an undulating road race, part of the DRRL. A single lap taking runners through Puddletown Forest to run parallel to the River Frome before heading back through the Forest.

            Nick Reynolds              1:18:40            2nd MV50

            Lynda Faulkner            1:39:21            2nd FV50

            Arabella De S-K           1:42:48            5th FV40

            Suzanna Baker            1:49:13            7th FV40

            Jane Ward                   2:28:54

            Jill Watson                   2:30:06

Doddlers were also 3rd overall ladies’ team – brilliant effort ladies.

Sunday 11 June

Cheddar Gorge Half Marathon – a single lap route around Cheddar Gorge and Beacon Batch, the highest point on the Mendip Hills, very hilly with amazing views.

            Craig White                 2:45:38

Sunday 11 June

Carsington Water Half Marathon – an undulating route on trail paths around Carsington Water with epic views of the surrounding countryside.

            Paul Fowles                 2:18:01

            Sandra Fowles             2:18:01            3rd FV50

Saturday 10 June

Sailsbury Plain Marathon – a challenging route across Salisbury Plain with some of the best views in Wiltshire.

            Dave Jackson               4:46:01

Saturday 10 June

South Downsway 100 – The SDW100 is a 100-mile foot race taking in the entire south downs way national trail. The south downs boast stunning rolling hills, ancient forts, picturesque villages, and expansive views across southern England.

            Dave Cox                     26:47:23

Saturday 3 June

VOGUM 40a 40-mile adventure along the beautiful and challenging Wales Coast Path in the Vale of Glamorgan, from Porthcawl in the West to Penarth in the East. An invigorating route that takes in golden beaches, dramatic cliffs, Ogmore Castle and the infamous steppingstones.

                Dave Fitzsimon                                  8:14:19

Saturday 27 May

Dark Oxa quarter marathon event comprising hilly loops around Cranbourne Chase Woods at dusk.

Sally Hunt                                            51:15                     1st Lady

Mark Damen                                      56:49

Thursday 25 May

Suzie Viv Hill Race – Climb – this race is organised by Spencer Mogridge and starts and finishes in Okeford Fitzpaine. It starts in handicap order to climb up Okeford Hill, then a mass start for the steep descent.

      Time Up           Time Down               Total Time

John Willis                           11:49                        5:00                     16:49

Chris Perret                        11:38                        5:49                     17:27

Ian Buckingham                 12:11                        5:17                      17:29

Ian Barnes                          12:40                        4:56                      17:36

Dave Fitzsimon                  12:35                        5:01                      17:36

David Hurst                        12:30                        5:13                      17:43

Paul Russell                        13:04                        4:45                      17:49

Nick Hall                              12:47                        5:03                      17:50

Rich Hull                              12:28                        5:29                      17:56

Neil Cranidge                      12:51                        5:12                      18:03

Sarah Perrett                      11:30                        7:17                      18:47                 1st lady

Jane Ward                            12:56                        5:59                      18:55                 2nd lady

Amanda Jenkins                  13:29                        5:37                      19:06                 3rd lady

Mark Riley                            14:11                        5:10                     19:21

Lisa Yates                             14:20                        5:53                      20:13                 4th lady

Andrew Tuffin                     15:03                        5:41                      20:44

Sunday 22 May

Wessex Ridgeway 100k Relay – Starting at Tollard Royal Pond in Wiltshire, the route follows the very scenic Wessex Ridgeway to Uplyme in Devon, 100km in 12 legs of 4-8 miles each, with teams of 2-6 runners, each runner completing at least 1 leg. 

Teams Results

Wesexy Runners                                   09hrs 55m

Dorset Midnight Runners                   12hrs 36m

Sunday 22 May

May 5 – a great local 5-mile race around Canford Heath with start and finish at Ashdown Athletics Track. Part of the Dorset Road Race League (DRRL).

    Roger Teasdale                                               35:37

    Arabella De S-Khandwala                              36:19

    Sally Hunt                                                         36:51

    Mark Damen                                                    38:46

    Jane Feather                                                     52:21

Sunday 22 May

Worcester 10k – a road 10k along beautiful rural lanes

                Amanda Jenkins                               55:59                     3rd FV45

Saturday 20 May

Race The Tide – Long Marathon  – 28.5 miles of glorious tracks and trails, including private footpaths, bridle paths, fields, woodland and Southwest Coast Path – both side of the estuary including a section along Bigbury beach and a run across the causeway to Burgh Island.

                        Fabs Terzaghi                          5:23:48            1st MV50

                        Lynda Faulkner                        5:59:34            1st FV50

                        Justin Perry                             6:40:22

                        Tim Cotton                              6:50:55

                        Damian Patterson                   7:08:20

                        John Townsend                       7:08:23

Sunday 14 May

Copenhagen Marathon  – a fast and flat course leads you through iconic neighbourhoods and by spectacular attractions in a festive atmosphere together with 12,000 other runners. The city, the many spectators, music and entertainment creates a fantastic vibe for everyone.

Tom Mitchell              3:14:41            PB

Sunday 14 May

Great Bristol Half Marathon  – a fast and flat course with a rocking atmosphere, inspiring history, graffiti murals and a start line DJ.

Mathias Weber                 1:46:04             PB

Sunday 14 May

Hardy Half  – the inaugural running of this fantastic event, with a stunning albeit challenging route, with over 1,400ft of ascent, across farmland, tracks and footpaths and including a loop of the iconic Hardy Monument and Britain’s largest Iron Age fort, Maiden Castle. All proceeds of the race going to local charities including Farming Community Network.

                        Michael Peters            1:55:21            1st MV60+

                        Jane Ward                   2:36:27

                        Neil Cranidge              2:36:27

                        Sarah Perrett               2:44:13

                        Adam Frampton          2:44:59

                        Angela Jamieson         2:44:59

                        Craig White                 2:52:43

                        Barry Jenkins               3:17:18

Sunday 30 April

North Dorset Village Marathon  – a picturesque race along country lanes through the villages of Hinton St Mary, Marnhull, Stalbridge, Todber, Stour Row, Margaret Marsh, West Orchard, Farrington, Child Okeford and Hammoon. An undulating marathon with plenty of support at the relay change-over points.

Stuart Martin              3:29:55     2nd MV60+

Ian Barnes                   3:48:38     6th MV60+

Dave Jackson               4:08:15

David Hurst                 4:15:54

Chris Perrett                4:18:13

John Townsend           4:22:21

Lucy Edwards              4:22:21

Sunday 30 April

NDVM Relay  – a popular relay comprising 4 legs along the marathon route.

Dorset Doddlers I                    2:47:42                        1st Mixed Team

  (Gary Blaber, Justin Perry, Molly Rasch, Duncan Ward)

Rama Lama (Ding Dong)        3:33:13

  (Nick Summons, Neil Cranidge, Matthias Weber, Jane Ward)

Dorset Doddlers II                   3:37:49

  (Fabrizio Terzaghi, Lynda Faulkner, Damian Patterson, Tim Cotton)

Saturday 29 April

Butcombe Trail Ultra 50  – a self-navigation ultramarathon around six pubs in the Mendip Hills, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. A mostly off-road route with 2,000m of ascent, taking in beautiful running country and fantastic views.

                        Paul Russell                             10:53:51           

Sunday 23 April

London Marathon  – a world famous marathon with a route that has remained largely unchanged since the inaugural race in 1981 and encompasses many of the capital’s most mesmerising landmarks, old and new.

                        Phil Reese                               3:10:16

                        Piotr Sulecki                            3:16:54

                        Arabella De S-K                       3:50:08

                        David Jackson                          3:58:29

                        Neil Cranidge                          4:07:08

                         Julia Slade                               4:18:08

                        Craig White                             5:08:30

London Marathon saw Dave Jackson run his lifetime 100th marathon and his 50th in sub 4hrs. A fantastic achievement, well done Dave! And for Arabella this was her first marathon!

Sunday 23 April

Corsham 10k  – celebrating its 40th anniversary this event is one of the biggest 10ks in Wiltshire, attracting 1400 runners through the historic town and pretty villages.           

Sally Hunt                                46:19.9            4th FV40

Mark Damen                           47:13.6

Stewart McConnell                 48:27.3

20 April

Broad Oak Hilly – Our very own hilly internal club champs race organised by Tim Cotton. An out and back to ensure all the hills are experiences both up and down, and where all the hills seem to be up apart from the last steep decent to the finish. A rare treat and great fun, nevertheless.

                        Nick Hall                                  28:49

                        Mark Riley                               29:12

                        Paul Russell                             29:42

                        Michael Peters                        30:05  

                        Lynda Faulkner                        30:24

                        John Willis                               32:07

                        Andrew Tuffin                         32:16

                        Roger Teasdale                       32:28

                        Steve Rigby                             32:28

                        Richard Hull                            32:59

                        Stewart McConnell                 34:07

                        Flora Brooke                            43:01

                        Jane Feather                           46:48

                        Barry Jenkins                           46:48

16 April

Marnhull 12k – an undulating scenic 12k road race starting and finishing in picturesque Marnhull.

Gary Blaber                                45:24

            Stephen Page                             50:18

Stuart Martin                             54:00

Michael Peters                           55:24

Paul Stockley                              56:30

John Willis                                  58:33           

Roger Teasdale                          58:34           

Andrew Tuffin                         1:00:35

David Hurst                             1:01:14

Stewart McConnell                 1:02:14

Chris Perrett                            1:02:25

David Jackson                          1:04:19

Jane Ward                               1:09:52

Craig White                             1:09:56

Sarah Perrett                           1:13:28

Flora Brooke                            1:19:38

Jane Feather                           1:26:15

Ines Braun                               1:26:40 

 16 April

Manchester Marathon – a popular spring road marathon with great support and atmosphere.

            Steve Rigby                             2:37:52            PB

16 April

Dorset Ooser Marathon – a very scenic and undulating trail race on woodland paths and farm tracks.

            Mark Riley                               5:23:02

16 April

Dorset Ooser Half Marathon – as above but half the distance.

Nick Summons                        2:47:26

Nick Frampton                        2:47:26

Adam Frampton                      2:51:32

Angela Jamieson                     2:51:33

Emma Dorey                           2:52:37

2 April

Brighton Marathon – a unique city-to-coast course taking runners past iconic landmarks with incredible crowd support, a new finish at Hove Lawns and a new and improved route for 2023 with stunning coastal and city views.

            Justin Perry                             3:44:16

            Jane Ward                               4:29:10

            John Townsend                       4:30:29

2 April

Reading Half Marathon – returning for its 41st year this popular race that starts and finishes in the Madeiski Stadium, is well organised with a superb atmosphere and is one of the most enjoyable events in the running calendar.

            Tom Mitchell                          1:20:23

2 April

Southampton Marathon – a 2-lap route including green parks, shoreline and riverside views, beginning and ending at the iconic Southampton Guildhall.

            Helena Bastable                      5:14:12

2 April

Sweetcombe Scramble Marathon (at JP’s Exe to Axe) – a self-navigation route from Exmouth to Seaton along the Jurassic Coast with an additional loop inland along the River Otter. Including 4,000ft of ascent.

            David Jackson                          5:53:00            1st MV60+

2 April

Pen Selwood 10k – a pretty, undulating route on country lanes.

            Chris Perrett                            0:51:23

            Richard Bryant                        0:51:54

            Sharon Hutchings                    0:53:03

            Sarah Perrett                           1:02:59

            Barry Jenkins                           1:08:22

            Flora Brooke                            1:24:23

            Orlando Brooke                       1:24:23

1 April

The Oner – Rab’s Ultra – the original coast path ultra run – 84 miles from Charmouth to Studland, over the world-famous Jurassic coastline with a strict 24-hour time limit to complete the course. Self-navigate via check points day and night – a seriously tough event with only 50% of runners normally making it to the finish line.

            Jane Gould                              23:36:54  1st and only lady to complete

26 March

Yeovil Half Marathon – starting on closed roads around the Town Centre before heading along Yeovil Country Park then out to Montacute House before returning on quiet country roads to the atmospheric town centre finish.

            Chris Perrett                            1:55:51

            Sarah Perrett                           2:17:55

26 March

City of Salisbury 10-mile Road Race  – a friendly race that follows a scenic route north of Salisbury following the banks of the River Avon through the gently undulating Woodford Valley with fine views of the cathedral spire on the return leg.

            Roger Teasdale                       1:25:42

19 March

Eastleigh 10k  – a fast flat route with serious PB potential

Nick Reynolds                            36:10                          PB

Molly Rasch                                36:30       6th F30+   PB

Tom Mitchell                              37:17                          PB

Geoff Horwood                       1:13:04

19 March

Weymouth Half Marathon – a popular seaside half marathon, providing runners with a historical and scenic tour of Weymouth’s past and landscape, through the town, sea front, country park, and gardens. A flat course and a Jurassic finisher’s medal.

Gary Blaber                             1:20:59        2nd MV45+

Arabella De S-K                       1:37:22        4th FV40+    PB

Helena Bastable                      1:59:37

12 March

Spring Larmer Tree Half Marathon – taking in the valleys of the Rushmoor Estate, with spectacular views across the countryside, this is a tough race with some steep climbs, sharp descents views.

Matthias Weber                      2:37:11

Nick Summons                        2:37:15            7th MV50+

Neil Cranidge                          2:37:18            6th MV55+

Jane Ward                               2:37:19            3rd FV50+

Spring Larmer Tree 10 Mile Canicross – as above but a bit shorter.

            Suzanna Baker & Murphy       1:29:50            4th Lady

11 March

Spring Larmer Tree 20 Mile – a tough trail race with some steep climbs, and sharp descents, taking in the valleys of the Rushmoor Estate, with spectacular views across the countryside.

            Justin Perry                             3:10:52  7th Overall, 1st MV50+

05 March

Cambridge Half Marathon  – one of the UKs biggest and most beautiful closed road half marathon, a truly unforgettable journey through one of the UKs most scenic cities. A flat route with real PB potential.

            Tom Mitchell                          1:21:11            PB                   

05 March

The Grizzly  – a tough 20 mile trail race across the glorious East Devon coastline with much entertainment along the way, including live music, knee deep mud, vertical cliffs, and stunning views.  

            Rachel Harrison                      4:37:42

            Jane Ward                               4:38:09

            Neil Cranidge                          4:38:10

            Nick Summons                        4:38:11

05 March

Up on the Downs Half Marathon – undulating route from Breamore House, on trails and country path, taking in the stunning countryside of this rural area.

            Ian Barnes                  1:49:27

            Sally Hunt                   1:55:39            2nd Lady

            Ali Blaney                    2:03:16            3rd Lady

            Mark Damen              2:03:30          

            Adam Frampton        2:42:29

            Angela Jamieson        2:42:33

            Jill Watson                   2:42:35

05 March

AVR Imber Ultra  – a trail race of approximately 33 miles starting at the foot of Salisbury Plain in Westbury and follows the Imber Range Perimeter Path in an anticlockwise direction.

            Jane Gould                              5:55:16            1st FV50+

            David Cox                                5:56:17

            David Jackson                          6:06:27            1st MV60+

05 March

Weymouth 10k  – a fast flat, 2 lap route from Bowleaze Cove, running alongside the beach.

            Michael Peters                        44:53

26 February

Napoli City Half Marathon – with the most breath-taking view of the Mediterranean, the Napoli City Half Marathon takes you to the most beautiful and historic parts of the city. The race is fast, perfect for testing your limits and improving your personal bests, but also enjoyable thanks to the wonderful scenery of the course and the mild temperatures around 13 degrees.

            Molly Rasch                             1:23:40            10th Lady

12 February

Lytchett 10 – an undulating 10-mile road race around the villages of Lytchett Matravers and Lytchett Minster.

          Michael Peters                         1:13:55            6th MV60

  Ian Barnes                               1:14:00            7th MV60

            Arabella de S-K                        1:17:14            6th FV40

            Sally Hunt                                1:17:23

            Mark Damen                           1:17:51

            Matthais Weber                      1:22:25

            Jane Feather                           1:50:12

            Ines Braun                               2:00:30

12 February

Portland Coastal Half Marathon – a stunning coastal trail run taking in a complete loop of Portland Island along the coast path, with spectacular sea views the whole way, plenty of fresh air and steep hills.

            Jane Ward                               2:34:49

            Neil Cranidge                          2:34:49

05 February

Blackmore Vale Half Marathon – quiet undulating country roads in a beautiful area of North Dorset, organised by the Blackmore Vale Lions Club raising money for various charities.

            Steve Rigby                             1:15:55

            Duncan Ward                          1:25:25

            Stuart Martin                          1:36:35

            Justin Perry                             1:36:44

            Lynda Faulkner                        1:37:34            1st FV55+

            Matthias Weber                      1:53:04

            Neil Cranidge                          1:53:45

            Chris Perrett                            1:55:27

            John Townsend                       1:57:20

            David Hurst                             1:59:11

            Jane Ward                               2:06:09

27 January

La Sportiva Arc Of Attrition – An impressive 100miles with 13,917ft of climb, and a 36-hour cut off. A point-to-point extreme coastal race taking in the stunning and dramatic Cornish Coast path from Coverack to Porthtowan, in challenging winter conditions.

            Jane Gould                  29:38:24          1st FV50

27 January

Midweek Chasing Numbers Marathon – Another lapped route, out and back along the Thames River in Runnymede.

            David Jackson                          4:25:54

22 January

Milborne 10 – a tough undulating single lap internal club road race, along the country lanes from Milborne St Andrew through Hilton and the very picturesque Milton Abbas. In Milborne 10 race tradition all runners received a CupaSoup at the finish. It was great to see so many Doddlers complete the race.

            Justin Perry                             1:10:08            1st Mens

            Lynda Faulkner                        1:10:48            1st Ladies

            Arabella de S-K                        1:11:38            2nd Ladies

            Ian Barnes                               1:11:45            2nd Mens

            Michael Peters                        1:11:57            3rd Mens

            Chris Perrett                            1:22:25

            Neil Cranidge                          1:24:57

            Tim Cotton                              1:27:25

            John Townsend                       1:27:25

            Craig White                             1:28:10

            Jill Watson                               1:30:48            3rd Ladies

            Paul Russell                             1:32:04

            Jane Ward                               1:42:02

            Flora Brooke                            1:42:02

            Jane Feather                           1:45:07

            Geoff Hammond                     1:47:54

22 January

Romsey 5 mile – set within the beautiful grounds of The Broadlands Estate, once the home of The Earl Mountbatten of Burma. The surface is mainly tarmac with a short distance of smooth hardcore. The course is 3 laps of the estate making it one of the flattest 5-mile races in the county and as such attracts athletes from further afield looking for a PB time.

    Molly Rasch                             29:15               1st Lady

            Geoff Horwood                       55:42

01 January

Junction Broadstone Quarter Marathon – an undulating road race qualifying for DRRL, well done to those who made the effort, a fantastic start to the year.

            Steve Rigby                                38:52

            Molly Rasch                                39:30

            Duncan Ward                             41:12

            Justin Perry                               45:29

            Tracey Cook                               47:22

            Sally Hunt                                  49:50

            Arabella De S-K                          50:13

            Ali Blaney                                   50:59

            Mark Damen                             51:45

            Ines Braun                               1:15:23

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