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Race Results for 2024

Race Results for 2023

Blackmore Vale Half – quiet undulating country roads in a beautiful area of North Dorset, organised by the Blackmore Vale Lions Club raising money for various charities.

            Rich White                                         1:21:09

            Gary Blaber                                       1:28:14

            Duncan Ward                                    1:32:19

            Justin Perry                                        1:33:30

            Stephen Page                                    1:36:07

            Ian Barnes                                          1:36:13            PB 2nd MV 60+

            Nick Hall                                              1:38:13

            Stuart Martin                                      1:39:36            3rd MV 60+

            Mark Riley                                           1:41:56

            Arabella de S-K                                  1:49:38

            John Willis                                           1:50:31

            Paul Russell                                        1:51:39

            Andrew Tuffin                                    1:52:56

            Dave Hurst                                          1:56:04            PB

            Chris Perrett                                        1:56:54

            Neil Cranidge                                       2:03:16

            Amanda Ackroyd                                 2:06:16            PB

            Jane Ward                                             2:06:29

            Dawn Blaber                                        2:11:37

            Richard Palmer-Smyth                       2:20:55

            Sarah Perrett                                        2:21:59

            Jane Feather                                          2:45:57

Quadzilla Marathon – Scenic social 7½ scenic laps of Caldecotte Lake, near Milton Keynes, up to four marathons over four days

Dave Jackson  

            1 February – Marathon, Anticlockwise           3:56:16

            2 February – Marathon, Clockwise                 4:17:49

            3 February – Marathon, Anticlockwise           4:30:06

            4 February – Marathon, Clockwise                 4:26:49                                               

            Overall time for all four 17:11:00, placed 9th out of 47.

Stonehenge Stomp – the Stomp is a walking event which also welcomes runners – it is not a race!  Challenge yourself to complete 10, 20, 30 or 40 km’s of fully marked trails with views of Stonehenge on all routes.

            Richie Bryant (30K)                                         2:55:13

            Nick Summons (20K)                                       2:18:16

Longleat 10K – a stunning setting, starting in front of the magnificence of Longleat House the route is undulating to hilly, with a significant climb tackled twice: once soon after the start and the second towards the end. After the second climb though is the final downhill run along Lodge Drive towards Longleat House and the finish. 

            Chris Wright                                        35:50               PB 5th Male (4th Male Senior)

            Ian Barnes                                           43:12               3th MV60+

            Stephen Page                                      44:57

            Paul Russell                                         47:16

            John Willis                                           51:05

            Jane Ward                                           57:43

            Julia Slade                                           57:44

            Jill Watson                                           57:45

            Adam Frampton                                  58:54

            Lisa Yates                                            58:38

            Amanda Ackroyd                                 58:59

            Nick Frampton                                    59:27

            Richard Palmer-Smyth                        1:00:14

            Angela Jamieson                                 1:01:40

            Jane Feather                                       1:09:47

            Serena Barnes                                     1:14:22            PB (first ever 10km race)

Junction Broadstone Quarter Marathon – an undulating road race qualifying for DRRL, well done to those who made the effort, a fantastic start to the year.

            Gary Blaber                                         41:33               5th MV50+

            Jonny Hayes                                        44:55

            Ian Barnes                                           46:12               3rd MV60+

            Roger Teasdale                                  47:20

            David Hurst                                         54:28

            Dawn Blaber                                       57:23

            Richard Palmer-Smyth                   1:03:37

            Ines Braun                                       1:14:03

Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon – a full circumnavigation of Portsmouth Harbour on mixed terrain.

            Dave Jackson               3:57:59            6th MV60+

Fairy-tale in Newquay – a tough festive 15 mile “long-half” along the North Cornish coast path from Harlyn Bay to Porth Beach, Newquay. An epic run on very slippery paths with stunning views and 50mph winds.

            Jane Ward                   3:59:25            3rd FV50+

            Neil Cranidge              3:59:46            6th MV50+

Stur 5 – a 5-mile internal club race from Sturfit, taking in Glue Hill, Broad Oak Hill and Rixson Hill.

            Chris Wright                             29:37

            Gary Blaber                              31:03

            Nick Hall                                   33:59

            Ian Barnes                                34:13

            Ritchie Bryant                          35:55

            Mark Riley                                36:18

            Roger Teasdale                        36:37

            Lynda Faulkner                        37:38               1st Lady

            Dave Fitzsimon                        38:42

            John Willis                                39:34

            Rich Hull                                   39:51

            Tim Cotton                               40:20

            Nick Brooke                             41:39

            Dawn Blaber                           41:52               2nd Lady

            Dave Hurst                              42:34

            Lisa Yates                                45:19               3rd Lady

            Mel Birch                                47:03

            Adam Frampton                      47:07

            Sarah Perrett                           49:48

            Flora Brooke                            52:00

            Jane Feather                           56:19

            Serena Barnes                         58:56

Sunday 4 December

The Full Montycute 10 – a scenic 10-mile off-road race from Ham Hill with 10 hills, fantastic tough and very muddy route.

            Justin Perry                             1:36:02                        4th MV50+

            Nick Brooke                             1:47:10                        5th MV60+

            Jane Ward                               2:11:39

            Neil Cranidge                          2:11:39

            Julia Slade                               2:16:09

            Jill Watson                               2:16:09

            Angela Jamieson                     2:28:25

            Adam Frampton                      2:28:26

Nick Brooke was also winner of the highly thought after Fred Fox Trophy.

Sunday 26 November

New Forest Stinger – a scenic 10-mile off-road race in the beautiful New Forest from Ocknell Campsite. Out & back with an undulating loop and a sting in the tail.

            Gary Blaber                             1:08:40            1st MV50

            Sharon Hutchings                    1:13:51            4th SenF

            Ian Barnes                               1:15:24            3rd MV60+

            Tim Cotton                              1:23:07

            Dave Jackson                           1:26:08

            Dawn Blaber                           1:33:02

            Jane Ward                               1:44:30

            Neil Cranidge                          1:44:30

            Sergiy Machulin                      1:48:12

            Clare Riley                               1:49:15

Sunday 26 November

Boscombe 10k – an undulating open road race starting and finishing at Kings Park Athletics Stadium.

            Jonny Hayes                               42:38

            Richard Palmer-Smyth               56:45

            Ines Braun                               1:06:09

Sunday 19 November

Wimborne 10 – the 25th anniversary addition of this 10-mile undulating route along country lanes finishing through the avenue of trees on to Pamphill Green. A windy and wet version with a 100m long full width puddle but fun nonetheless.

            Molly Rasch                 1:03:30                        2nd Lady

            Gary Blaber                 1:04:14                        4th MV50+

            Justin Perry                 1:11:05

            Ian Barnes                   1:12:30                        7th MV60+

            Michael Peters            1:19:27

            Chris Perrett                1:24:33

            Dawn Blaber               1:27:11

            Neil Cranidge              1:30:48

            Nick Summons            1:32:14

            Jane Ward                   1:35:37

            Lisa Yates                    1:36:23

            Sarah Perrett               1:41:59

            Flora Brooke                1:46:13                        3rd FV70+

Sunday 19 November

Starcross Shuffle – a lapped 7-hour challenge run following the Exe estuary alongside the grounds of Powerham Castle. 4 laps to complete a full marathon distance.

            Dave Jackson               3:47:58            4th overall in marathon distance

Saturday 11th November

The Lemur Loop – a 10k trail race over the hilly scenic landscape where they used to film To The Manor Born in Cricket St Thomas.

                Jill Watson                                          1:06:49                  2nd FV50+

                Julia Slade                                           1:06:49                  5th FV40+

                Dave Fitzsimon  (2 loops)              1:07:31, 1:07:33

                Mel Fitzsimon                                    1:29:11

Saturday 11th November

New Forest Off Road Half Marathon – a trail running event by RunRebel set in the heart of the New Forest National Park. Weaving through the forests on hard-packed gravel pathways and soaking up the fabulous scenery. Described as relatively flat with only 183m elevation gain.

                Richard Palmer-Smyth                   2:20:13

Sunday 26th October

The Stickler    a tough 10-mile trail race, dubbed North Dorset 3-Peaks, including Okeford Beacon, Hod Hill and Hambledon Hill.

                Chris Wright                                       1:11:22                     2nd Overall

                Phil Reese                                           1:18:28                  5th MV40+

                Tom Mitchell                                      1:20:56

                Fabs Terzaghi                                     1:25:47                     7th MV50+

                Mark Riley                                           1:28:56

                Justin Perry                                        1:30:50

                Stuart Martin                                     1:33:47                     4th MV60+

                Nick Brooke                                        1:37:04                     1st MV70+

                Jonny Hayes                                       1:38:19

                Tim Cotton                                         1:41:32

                John Townsend                                1:47:16

                Dave Hurst                                          1:47:31

                Amanda Jenkins                               1:55:35

                Adam Frampton                               1:57:56

                Flora Brooke                                      2:26:17                     3rd FV70+

Sunday 26th October

Arezzo Half Marathon  –  starting from piazza Guido Monaco the route makes its way around the city, suited for more dedicated athletes.

                Molly Rasch                                        1:24:49

Sunday 22nd October

Weymouth 10  –  a 10-mile tarmac route from Weymouth Esplanade. Mostly flat but with a challenging double loop around Bowleaze and Preston.

                Molly Rasch                                        1:02:20                  1st Lady

                Ian Barnes                                           1:11:26                  3rd MV60

                Sharon Hutchings                            1:11:43                  2nd SF

                Michael Peters                                 1:16:29                  8th MV60

                Neil Cranidge                                    1:23:38

                David Hurst                                        1:27:09

                Jane Ward                                          1:35:23

                Richard Palmer-Smyth                  1:36:46

Saturday 21st October

Beachy Head Marathon  –  a tough coastal marathon with horizontal rain, 30 knot winds and lots of mud, but Dave enjoyed it, nevertheless.

                Dave Jackson                                     5:02:33

Sunday 15th October

Studland Stampede   a tough but very scenic coastal run of 7.5 miles, along the beach, up over the heathland, across sand dunes and back along the beach.

                Garry Blaber               0:50:19            3rd MV50+     

                Paul Stockley               0:58:59           

                Michael Peters            1:00:14            4th MV60+

                Neil Cranidge              1:04:46

                Chris Perrett                1:07:52

                Dawn Blaber               1:12:43

                Adam Frampton          1:13:08

                Jane Ward                   1:13:30

                Ange Jamieson            1:17:16

                Steve Fowles               1:21:18

                Sarah Perrett               1:25:42

                Barry Jenkins               1:26:36

                Vics West                     1:33:14

                Jane Fowles                 1:42:41

Sunday 15th October

Bath Half   a ‘big city’ race, starting and finishing in Bath city centre. This course is fast and flat with proven potential to set a new personal best, unless you arrive late due to Park & Ride bus breaking down and adding an extra mile when sent the wrong way.

            Julia Slade                   2:25:25

            Jill Watson                   2:25:25

Sunday 15th October

Great South Run – The South coast’s biggest and best running event takes place in Portsmouth over a fast and flat 10-mile route.

                Amanda Jenkins                               1:26:20

Sunday 15th October

Hazelbury Bryan 10k   a scenic route through beautiful countryside with a friendly atmosphere.

                Sharon Hutchings                             tbc

                Richard Palmer-Smyth                   1:04:20

                Anna Dunning                                    tbc

Sunday 8 October

Chester Marathon  – a multi-award winning and 3 times winner of the UKs Best Marathon (under 5,000 runners), from the historic Roman/Medieval international destination City of Chester. The route is on closed roads and runs past all Chester’s iconic landmarks, including Roman walls, Cathedral, Amphitheatre before heading out to the stunning Chester countryside and an unforgettable finish on Castle Drive.

            Nick Reynolds              2:40:13                        PB

Sunday 8th October

Gold Hill 10k  – a hilly road 10k from Shaftesbury School, taking in Gold Hill, Tout Hill, The Butt and French Mill Lane.

            Chris Wright                               39:21            6th Overall

            Steve Rigby                                41:45

            Gary Blaber                                42:37

            Justin Perry                                47:13

            Ian Barnes                                  47:46

            Jonny Hayes                               49:46

            Tim Cotton                                 56:01

            Chris Perrett                               57:26

            David Hurst                             1:00:55

            John Townsend                       1:01:26

            Amanda Jenkins                      1:02:40

            Dawn Blaber                           1:04:14

            Jane Ward                               1:04:52

            Richard Palmer-Smyth            1:04:52

            Sarah Perrett                           1:10:05

            Flora Brooke                            1:12:31

            Nick Summons and Jane Feather       1:31:10

Sunday 8th October

Race On The Chase Marathon  – a scenic and undulating trail race from Salisbury Racecourse along the chalky droves and hills of Broad Chalk valley.  

            Mark Riley                   4:11:15            4th Mens

Sunday 8th October

Bournemouth Half Marathon – The course follows the old Full Marathon route, taking in both Boscombe and Bournemouth Piers along this stunning coastal route.

            Piotr Sulecki                1:33:26

            Craig White                 2:38:19

Sunday 1 October

Cardiff Half Marathon – one of the largest and most exciting road races in the UK and one of Europe’s largest half marathons. The fast and flat route passes all of the city’s most breathtaking scenery and iconic landmarks including Cardiff Castle, the Principality Stadium, and stunning Cardiff Bay.

            Tom Mitchell                          1:22:11

Sunday 1 October

Clarendon Half Marathon – an off road, picturesque and challenging route along the following ancient country tracks and paths of the Clarendon Way from Broughton to Winchester.

            Neil Cranidge                          2:34:18

            Jane Ward                               2:34:19

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