Updated 12th May 2019

Please remember to send all race results to results@dorsetdoddlers.org – if you don’t tell us about them we can’t publish them or include them in championship or handicap standings. 

Sunday 12th May

The Ox Half Marathon – sociable fun running loops around Rushmoor Estate – big hills, far reaching views, stunning scenery, lovestation (vodka snaps) and big medals 

David Gedge                1:55:27         6th Overall, 2nd M45+
Dave Jackson               2:17:01         1st M60+
Neil Cranidge              2:53:38          10th M50+
Jane Ward                    2:53:38          3rd F50+
Alie Madders               3:29:55

Light Ox – a undulating 10k through Chase Woods

Alie Madders               1:22:46

Saturday 11th May

The Ox Frolic – epic fun running circles, laps and loops around Rushmoor Estate – big hills, far reaching views, stunning scenery, lovestation (vodka snaps) and big medals. Single laps were ~10k

Daryl Davies              8 laps            12:08:59          
Lucy Brown               6 laps             09:24:52          
Stacey Connolly        6 laps             11:58:21  –   1st Canicross
Jemma Westwell       4 laps             06:22:45          
Adam Frampton       4 laps             06:22:45
Jamie Drennan          4 laps             06:22:45         
Stephen James           4 laps            06:22:45

The Ox 50 – 50 miles comprising multiple ~10k laps through Chase Woods.

Alie Madders               14:02:38

Friday 10th May

Dark Ox – a undulating 10k through Chase Woods in the dark.

Alie Madders               1:31:58

Monday 6th May

Milton Keynes Half Marathon – starting at StadiumMK this beautiful route takes in picturesque villages, follows the River Ouzel and runs alongside Caldecotte Lake before returning for a magical Stadium finish. Well done both.

Nick Reynolds          1:25:07
Helen Reynolds       2:26:59

Sunday 5th May

Hellstone Marathon – a challenging trail race in the heart of Dorset, with devilish hills, epic views and magical woodlands.

Tracy Cook                           3:47:08          2nd Overall, 1st Female
Jason Woods (Benson)       4:43:14          1st Male Canicross
Alie Madders                        6:26:41

Hellstone Half – as above but half the distance.

Edgard Zaldua                    1:59:36      10th Overall
Justin Perry                         2:04:18
Damian Patterson             2:16:17
Neil Cranidge                     2:41:16  

Hellstone Half Canicross

Suzanna Baker                     2:17:28      1st Female
Julia Slade                             2:17:31      2nd Female

Sunday 5th May

North Dorset Village Marathon – well done everyone

Roger Teasdale            2:56:46          PB (by 29 mins 55 secs)
Philip Reese                  3:10:24          PB
Nick Brooke                  3:22:45
Chris Frear                    3:27:05          PB (by 46 mins)
David Jackson               3:35:58
Ruth Collis                     3:49:33         PB (by 14 mins)
David Hurst                   4:35:56         FIRST MARAFUN
Nigel Legg                     4:48:55          PB (by 7 mins)
Kim Crane                     5:16:59          PB (by 17 mins 49 secs)
Ingrid Gilbertson         5:20:38
Sarah Perrett               5:58:58           FIRST MARAFUN

NDVM Relay

Despicable Doddlers           3:11:26        3rd Male team
(Shams Wahab, Nick Summons, Dan Simmonds, Felix Stroud-Allan)
Doddler Ladies                     3:14:50        2nd Ladies team
(Lynda Faulkner, Sarah Jordan, Rebecca Thomlinson, Lynn Hutchings)
Dursleys Doddlers               4:01:55
(Mixed team)

Sunday 5th May

The Great Bristol 10k – a stunning run along the river Avon and under the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge with spectacular views on Avon Gorge before returning to the city centre.
Andy Bucknell               44:06
Frank Wilson                 44:06

Saturday 4th May

The Darkside Strikes Back a 7 hour timed event where you choose your distance; a fast and flat route consisting of 3.28 mile out-and-back laps along the River Thames.

Alie Madders     26.2 miles in 5:16:10

Sunday 28th April

London Marathon Results – 3 brilliant Doddlers representing our club at this iconic capital city marathon – well done all
Gavin Green                   3:36:58
John Cowley                   4:32:05
Louise Barnett               4:40:13

Sunday 28th April

Jurassic Marathonnot only a visually spectacular run along the Jurassic coast but also a challenge the some would class as undulating.

Alie Madders                   6.33.51

Jurassic Half as above but still not for those who don’t like a challenge.

Felix Stroud-Allen        2:38:33
Barry Jenkins                    2:45:03
Mel Mitchell                      2:45:08

Thursday 18th April

Broad Oak Hilly – our very popular internal club race, included in our Club Championships

Barry Shea




Nick Berry




Chris Frear




Nick Brooke




Gavin Green




Michael Peters




Roger Teasdale




Richard Hull




David Jackson




Ed Shelton




Lyn Hutchings




Ian Buckingham




Anthony Guppy




Shams Wahab




Andrew Tuffin




Dave Hurst




John Cowley




Nick Summons




Barry Jenkins




Flora Brooke




Belinda Lopez




Ingrid Gilbertson




Jane Feather




Sunday 14th April

Brighton Marathon – A popular “big city” marathon

Justin Perry                   3:45:16

Felix Stroud-Allen        4:08:54

Sunday 14th April

Marnhull 12k – A fantastic undulating road race in chilly, but clear conditions.

Steve Rigby



2nd Overall

Roger Teasdale




Christopher Frear




Lynda Faulkner



1st Female

Michael Peters




Dan Simmonds




David Jackson




Richard Hull




John Townsend




Ian Buckingham




Gavin Burrough




Lynn Hutchings




Neil Cranidge




David Hurst




Shams Wahab




Jill Watson




Julia Slade




John Cowley




Paul Russell




Catherine Snook




Sarah Perrett




Gerry Hutchings




Laura Jones




John Willis




Amanda Adams




Jane Ward




Flora Brooke




Sandra Fowles




Kim Crane




Jane Feather




Jane Fowles




Sunday 7th April

Manchester Marathon – Amazing results, well done everyone!

Steve Rigby




David Jackson




Nick Reynolds




Ben Hitchcock




Nick Summons




Nigel Legg




Pen Selwood Tough 10k – a very scenic but undulation road race. Great results, well done!

Jill Watson



2nd Female Vet

Flora Brooke




Ingrid Gilbertson




Brian Murison




Saturday 31st March

Yeovil Half Marathon  – a popular undulating road half marathon in fab conditions. Some great times, with some amazing PBs, well done everyone!

Photos from Yeovil half marathon from Sarah Perrett (via facebook)

Roger Teasdale           1:24:30      PB         18th overall, 5th M40
Nick Brooke                 1.32.55                     3rd M60
Christopher Frear       1.34.44      PB
Sarah Jordan               1.35.49                     4th F40
Ian Moore                  1.39.41
David Jackson            1.42.17                   4th M60
Richard Hull               1.43.22
Charlotte Wilson       1.45.39
Jill Watson                  1.52.16
Paul Rusty Russell    1.58.07
Nick Summons         1.59.00
John Willis                  1.59.11      PB
Jane Ward                  2.01.09
John Cowley              2.01.47
Sarah Perrett            2.06.14      PB
Flora Brooke             2.18.47
William Hill                2.30.20

The Ooser Marathon – a challenging trail marathon in deepest darkest Dorset, with hills and mud along old tracks, hidden holloways, ancient woodlands and forgotten trails, earning runners 2 UTMB points

Tracy Cook                    3:34:51     1st Lady 
John Townsend            4:29:20
Johanna Brighton         4:50:32
Dan Simmonds           5:04:23
Alie Madders               5:37:01
Mel Mitchell                 5:37:48
Barry Jenkins               5:37:49

The Dorset Ooser Canicross Marathon
– as above but with your four-legged friend
Jason Woods & Benson       4:23:06     1st Overall

The Ooser Half & The Dorset Ooser Canicross Half – a challenging half marathon over similar ground to the marathon

Julia Slade and dog           2:09:32    Canicross Half
Kim Crane and dog           2:25:36    Canicross Half
Neil Cranidge                     2:27:38
Emily Moors                       4:23:19

Saturday 23rd March

Lulworth Cove Half – a tough undulating half marathon along the coast path from Lulworth Cove to Osmington Mills and back above Ringstead. A lovely route for Snowdon Trail Marathon Training. photo by Nick

Adam Frampton




Steve James




Nick Summons




Jane Ward




Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

Fri 22nd – Sun 24th March

Jurassic Coast Challenge – billed as 78.6 miles, 3 marathons in 3 days, but actually a total of 86 brutal miles, from Charmouth to Studland, including the whole circumnavigation of Portland.

Alie showed amazing determination to complete this challenging event.

Day 1     6:38:58             Day 1     7:26:37              Day 3     7:35:45   

Sunday 17th March

Bath Half Marathon – a bright, dry and cool morning provided almost perfect running conditions for what is one of the longest established and most iconic city centre road races in the UK. With over 12,000 runners crossing the finish line and an estimated 40,000 spectators celebrating the 38th edition of this much-loved race.

Duncan Ward




Nick Berry




Charlie Wilson




Emma Chaloner




Gloucester 20 – a lovely mildly undulating 3-lap course in perfect sunny conditions. Great marathon training event with PB potential.  

Roger Teasdale




Weymouth Half Marathon – now in its 5th year, this popular seaside half marathon provides runners with some outstanding scenery, history and the opportunity to set a PB on a pretty flat13.1mile course, and the sun came out for perfect race conditions.

Kim Crane




Sarah Perrett




Jane Fowles




Serena Orchard




Sunday 10th March

The Grizzly – an epic 20 mile run from Seaton along the beautiful coast, though woodland, hills, mud, knee deep mud, cold stream runs, endless pebble shingle, more mud and hills, music, the memory tree, free beer sampling on route and firemen to hose muddy legs at the end, an all-round brilliant unforgettable race with bears.

Edgard Zaldua




Justin Perry




Dan Simmonds




John Townsend




Ruth Readman




Jane Ward




Nick Summons




Melanie Mitchell




Barry Jenkins




Neil Cranidge




 The Cub – a tough 10m race from Seaton, all the above except less mud and no bogs.

Jemma Westwell




Ines Braun





Sunday 10th March

White Star Runnings Larmer Tree event with 5 races over 2 days with camping, shenanigans, and lots of running over beautiful Wiltshire downs (and ups) of Rushmoor Estate.

Larmer Tree Marathon – a tough marathon by any measure, hills, mud and gorgeous scenery.

Lucy Brown



6th FV40+

Alie Madders



10th FV40+

Larmer Tree 20 – like the half but more miles, more hills and more mud, much more mud.

Jason Woods




Paul Russell




David Hurst




Stacey Connolly




Jill Watson




Jamie Drennan




Adam Frampton




Saturday 9th March

Larmer Tree Half – a beautiful half marathon designed to test your hill climbing abilities.

Ian Moore



5th MV45+

Kim Crane




Jane Fowles




Larmer Tree 10 – last race in the Imperial Series, this tough 10mile race doesn’t hold back on hills with stunning scenery.

Philip Reese



3rd Overall, 2nd M35+

Rachael Franklin




William Hill




Emma Chaloner




Serena Orchard



(with dog version of the race)

Phil Reese also came 3rd in the Imperial Series – well done Phil!!

Sunday 3rd March

Sherborne 10k – fantastic results for team Doddler at this Club Championship race. A picturesque but challenging local road race from Sherborne school – climbing for 4 miles then a mostly downhill to finish

Duncan Ward              0:37:12           1st overall 
Barry Shea                   0:39:50           5th Overall 
Spencer Mogridge      0:41:36          10th Overall 
Sarah Jordan               0:44:50          4th lady
Michael Peters          0:44:58  
Lynda Faulkner         0:45:09          6th Lady 
Ian Moore                  0:45:14 
Richard Hull              0:47:52 
Shams Wahab          0:50:12
Charlie Wilson          0:50:32 
Jill Watson                 0:51:02
David Hurst               0:52:04  
Andrew Tuffin           0:53:17 
Julia Slade                  0:53:27 
Neil Cranidge            0:53:39 
Jane Ward                  0:53:53
John Cowley               0:56:24 
Sarah Perrett             0:59:38  
Kim Crane                  0:59:50  
Jane Fowles                1:02:49 
Jen Barker                  1:03:04

Photo shows some of the Doddler team at Sherborne 10k. Great to see everyone

Image may contain: 14 people, including Lynda Faulkner, Christine Willis, Jane Ward, Sarah Perrett and Jen Barker, people smiling, people standing

Wimborne 20 – a cold windy day for 20 miles but the Doddler team braved the weather achieving some great results – well done all! Please comment with any PB’s

Steven Rigby                2:12:13           2nd MV35+
Tracy Cook                   2:29:36           8th Overall, 3rd FV40+
Edgard Zaldua             2:39:03           4th MV50+
Justin Perry                  2:41:18           8th MV45+
Lerryn Chaffey          2:47:52         6th FV40+
John Townsend         2:55:46
Paul Russelll              3:06:00

Sunday 3rd March

Two Tunnels 5k – a special race that takes in many of Bath’s beautiful attractions plus the longest underground section of any running race in the UK – a truly unique running experience. Well done both.

Mel Mitchell                   0:27:52

Barry Jenkins                 0:27:52

Sunday 24th February

Bournemouth 10 – fantastic results for Dorset Doddlers with Iain Trickett, Steve Rigby and Duncan Ward taking home 2nd men’s team prize. They also achieved 3rd place in the DRRL

Iain Trickett                   0:56:23               7th Overall, 6th Open Men

Steve Rigby                   0:56:55     PB         

Duncan Ward               0:58:48                3rd M40+

Philip Reese                  1:03:27     PB         

Nick Berry                     1:03:42                 

Nick Reynolds              1:04:11      PB         

Roger Teasdale            1:04:43     PB         

Ruth Readman             1:20:56                 

Amanda Adams           1:36:57                 

William Hill                   1:45:18      PB         

Emma Chaloner          1:45:27     

Hameldown Hammer Half – a tough, challenging trail race with a total ascent of over 600m, over a series of grassy, rocky, sometimes muddy tracks and forest glades. Ascending Hameldown Ridge for spectacular views of Moors and Tors.

Barry Jenkins                     2:53:02

Mel Mitchell                       2:53:02

The Terminator – a brilliant 12mile trail race up and down the Pewsey Vale. A gentle start across fields and along a canal path, then through woods and deep mud, before several steep climbs and hair-raising descents. Beautiful sunshine, stunning views and great bunch of runners.

Jane Ward                 2:16:09

Thursday 21st February

Excalibur Two – number 2 in a series of 12 ‘conquests’ – a 6hr timed lap race with runners completing as many 3.28 mile out and back laps along the beautiful river Thames towpath. No elevation gain/loss making it a flat and fast route.

Alie Madders              5:18:30                26.2 miles

Sunday 17th February

10k Sika Run – a rewarding timed trail run through Wareham Forest, including forest paths and open trail. 

Kim Crane



Sandra Fowles



Sunday 9th February

Portland Coastal Marathon – Amazing effort over a tough route, with mud, steep climbs, rocky terrain, in cold, wet, blustery conditions. Starting at the sailing academy, a steep climb on to Portland Island, to find the coast path around the island followed by an out and back alongside Chesil Beach to the turn point and repeat in reverse. 

Dave Fitzsimon



Mel Mitchell


5th F30+

Barry Jenkins



Alie Madders



Portland Coastal Half Marathon – As above but just the one lap (thank goodness). 

Jane Ward


8th F50+

Jill Watson



Adam Frampton



Neil Cranidge



Sunday 9th February

Lytchett 10 (miles) – Well done all, great running in blustery conditions

Duncan Ward


8th Overall, 1st M45+

Steve Rigby



Roger Teasdale


PB – 8th M40+

Phil Reese



Nick Reynolds



Nick Brooke


2nd M65+

Paul Russell



John Cowley


10th M60+

Ines Braun



Flora Brooke


5th F60+

William Hill



Emma Chaloner



Sunday 3rd February

Blackmore Vale Half (12.2miles) – A shortened route this year to avoid the final icy hill – well done everyone for braving the wintery conditions.

Barry Shea 1:18:50
Nick Berry 1:20:08
Spencer Mogridge 1:25:33
Daryl Davies 1:27:13
Christopher Frear 1:29:08
Michael Peters 1:29:22
Justin Perry 1:31:01
Gavin Green 1:33:14
John Townsend 1:35:07
David Jackson 1:35:24
Paul Rusty Russell 1:37:56
Felix Stud-Allen 1:45:40
David Hurst 1:51:44
Charlotte Townsend 1:53:04
John Cowley 1:53:23
Jemma Westwell 1:55:51
Kim Crane 2:02:22
Sandra Fowles 2:02:22
Barry Jenkins 2:03:30
Mel Mitchell 2:03:30
Sarah Perrett 2:08:09
Jane Feather 2:26:39

Sunday 27th January

Stonehenge Stomp

A few groups of Doddlers took part in this event, including a jolly group who walked or ran the 20k with dogs and a group of dog-free Doddlers who ran a variant of the 30k route to clock up a lovely 16.7 miles. A great spring marathon training event.

Sunday 20th January

Dirty Devil Stampede 10k-ish – muddy splashing tank tracks with inflatable crocodiles

Jane Fowles 1:18:51
Kim Crane 1:18:53

Sunday 19th January

Beyond The Far Side 12hr – a 5.3 miles route with an overall elevation of 850ft per circuit, taking in the edge of Salisbury Plain, with the aim to complete as many circuits within your chosen time.

Alie Madders              8:26:09                26.2 miles

Sunday 13th – Saturday 19th January

Montane Spine Race – A non-stop 268mile winter ultra-marathon encompassing the entire length of the Pennine Way. Pennine Way crosses some of the most beautiful, difficult and challenging terrain found in England, including; the Peak District, Cheviots, Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland National Park – finishing on the Scottish Borders. What a stunning achievement – all hail Matt. I look forward to the presentation/talk/slide show.

Matt Clayton      156:30:56    – that’s 6 days, 12 hours, 30 mins, 56 secs

Sunday 13th January

Rough ‘n’ Tumble – Not as muddy as in previous years but the hills don’t get any smaller.

Adam Frampton 1:53:05
Stephen James 1:53:05
Jane Ward 1:53:27
Nick Summons 1:53:28
Neil Cranidge 1:53:29
Mel Mitchell 1:53:29
Barry Jenkins 1:53:30

Saturday 12th January

WSR Dark Moors 10m – tracks round the wood, but at night!

Kim Crane                            1:46:32

Ingrid Gilbertson                1:51:35

Jane Fowles                         1:51:36

Serena Orchard                  2:02:43                                       

WSR Dark Moors 5m 

Jemma Westwell                0:44:40

Alie Madders                      0:50:36

Tuesday 1st January

Broadstone Quarter Well done everyone for making a fantastic start to the year.

Steve Rigby 0:38:51
Barry Shea 0:41:21
Nick Berry 0:42:56
Roger Teasdale 0:43:29
Nick Reynolds 0:43:30
Justin Perry 0:45:52
Dan Simmonds 0:46:49
Lynn Hutchings 0:49:29
David Jackson 0:50:31
Ruth Readman 0:51:42
Nick Summons 0:51:47
Paul Russell 0:52:20
Simon Lees 0:52:41
Jamie Drennan 0:53:44
David Hurst 0:53:47
Neil Cranidge 0:54:19
John Cowley 0:57:13
Ines Braun 1:02:38