The Dorset Doddlers now offer a dedicated Couch to 5K (C25K) training program. Our friendly structured course is suitable for complete beginners. It can be very daunting joining a running club especially if you feel unfit or out of shape, but our friendly coaches will support you every step of the way. 

Our next course will begin Monday 30th May 2022
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Will the Dorset Doddlers C25K be suitable for me?

If you are completely new to running or just want to get more active our C25K program will be suitable for you.  The program begins with small intervals of walking and running which will help to build up your fitness and stamina. The first steps are always the hardest, but with the support of the coaches and volunteers you will be made to feel part of the group, no one will be left behind.

As with all types of physical activities, if you have any health concerns please seek the advice of your GP before starting out. 

What are the health benefits of the C25K?

Running has many benefits. Firstly, It’s an easy way to improve physical health, and regular running will improve the health of the heart and lungs. Combined with a healthy diet running can also help you to lose weight. 

Running has also been linked to benefits in our mental health, it can be a great stress reliever and has been shown to help against depression. By taking on a challenge such as our C25K you will find your confidence grows as you prove to yourself that you can achieve your goals. 

How does the C25K program work?

The course is based upon the NHS C25K 10 week program. The sessions will be run on Monday evenings and will last approx. 45 minutes. The sessions will be run by qualified England Athletics Leaders in Running Fitness coaches along with a number of volunteers.

Our coaches will begin each session with a very light warm up routine that will prepare the body for exercise. Each week the sessions will slowly build up the running time and distance. Each session will finish with a cool down.

How much does the C25K cost?

Nothing. Our course is completely free. The Dorset Doddlers love running, and this is our way of giving something back for the benefit of our local community.

At the end of the course we want you to love running as much as we do. We want this to be the start of your running journey. If you decide to continue running we would welcome you into our friendly running club, but at no time will we put pressure on you to join.