2021 runs

RUN 4 – JOHN & CHRISTINE’S RUN FROM STURMINSTER NEWTON. Meet in the Trail way car park. The run will be followed by a pub meal at The White Hart. 

RUN 3 – ADAM’S FARM IN HAMMOON, followed by a picnic

Thank you to Spencer and Ian for our lovely run around Marnhull and another splendid meal at The Crown afterwards.


Thank you to Lynda for organising our first post lockdown Summer run, supported by many of you with lots enjoying a meal (tables of no more than 6) in the Cricketers afterwards.

I think you will agree that we enjoyed our Summer runs in 2020…

I hope you all feel that you have benefitted from joining us on our Summer runs on Tuesday nights. It has not been entirely easy but we got out there and ran together when it was possible. Thanks to Lynda and Adam for their first year of organising, and everyone else who organised runs.

Summer Runs will hopefully be back in the Spring. Keep safe everyone.

See our Club Updates page for any further information. 

Thanks to Amanda for a great run from Stourhead on Tuesday 1st September

Our first Summer run was on Tuesday 4th August at Adam’s Farm in Hammoon, DT10 2DB. We enjoyed a 6ish mile run and a picnic afterwards in a field. It was great to see the Doddlers out again.

Please note that Lynda and Adam are organising the programme this year, so please get in touch if you need more details or would like to organise a run.

A few points to note…

Whilst there is no limit on group size nor any need to pre book attendance or indeed that attendees be paid up members of the club (though obviously we would like you to be), the run leader will be taking a register of names and contact details of those in attendance. These records will be retained for 3 weeks in case of any need to track and trace.

We are not expecting the routes to be marked so either stick close but not too close to someone who knows the route or navigate from the maps. 

Runners should come ready to run, carry a mask in case they need to assist an injured runner and not attend if they in any way feel unwell. It will be wonderful to see the Doddler Family running together once again. 

Well that was the last of our Tuesday Summer runs for this year (Tuesday 24th September 2019). Thank you Dave for organising it and for the curry at the Simla afterwards.

We are going to miss these runs/walks. A big thank you to Dave for co-ordinating them all, and for everyone who organised runs from various pubs around the county or from their homes. It has been a great year and below you will find a few photos from our 2019 summer runs.

Thanks Dave for organising the run from the Anchor Inn at Shapwick with Wimborne AC on 10th September and also this weeks run from the Fiddleford Inn.

Thank you Lynda for organising the run from The Fox at Ansty on 3rd September

Thank you to Adam for a lovely run and bbq from your Farm on 20th August

Thank you to Stacey for our run around the Martin Down Nature Reserve on 6th August

Thanks to Matt for a lovely run from Kimmeridge Bay on Tuesday 30th July

Our Tuesday run at the Seven Stars in East Bruton – thanks Dave for organising

The Brace of Pheasants with Lynda on 9th July

Thank you to Amanda for a lovely run around Stourhead on Tuesday 4th June

Thank you to Spencer for organising our run from the Crown in Marnhull. A nice sunny evening

Thanks to Jamie for organising our run at the Anvil in Pimperne on Tuesday 14th May

Thank you to Neil who organised the run on 7th May at Corton Denham – it was great to see so many of your Sherborne group running with us
A another good turn out from The Greyhound at Winterborne Kingston on 30th April

Our 3rd run of the season from the Cricketers in Shroton on 16th April

2nd run of the season from the Fiddleford Inn – 9th April

Summer Run from the Ham Car Park – 2nd April

A good turn out for the start of our Tuesday Summer Runs with runners, dogs and walkers. A bit cold and wet to start but cleared up and some of us enjoyed a meal at The Crown afterwards