New Summer Thursday Training Times

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Meet at 7pm / Run at 7.15pm Prompt / Return to the Leisure Centre approx 8.30pm

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A bit about us…

The Dorset Doddlers have been running around in circles since 1983. The club was originally formed by a small group of runners who had just completed their first London Marathon and now has well over 100 members.

It feels great to be part of a club… There are many benefits to joining the Doddlers, including reduced race entry fees and discounts at many of the local sports shops. Also you will have a whole new bunch of friends to go running with!

Come and join us, our main training is on Thursday nights from SturFit Leisure Centre

From April to September we explore different parts of Dorset – come and run with us on our Summer Runs – all welcome, walkers and dogs too

Don't forget to let us know your race results